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Why choose our services? Simple!

Your school could be eligible for discounts of up to 90% on Internet service and 85% on Wi-Fi networks (based on student poverty levels).


Unfortunately, complying with the multitude of federal mandates and strict regulations can be an arduous task. Application requirements often change swiftly mid-year. Every year schools lose enormous discounts because they do not have the expertise to navigate the labyrinth of required forms, competitive bidding procedures, reviews and audits.


We are proud to say that we have almost a 100% commitment rate. In addition to PIA and Cost effective reviews, Janice Meyers Educational Consulting, LLC has successfully completed FCC appeals as well as a KPMG in house audit. With the help of an experienced E-Rate consultant in your corner, you will realize your school’s vision of prompt and proper funding.


Experience Matters

Janice Meyers is an experienced educator, technology developer and E-Rate expert. At Janice Meyers Educational Consulting, LLC, we will work closely with you to lead your school through the entire process. We will:

  •  Develop a strategy for providing WiFi connectivity to your school

  •  Increase your funding

  •  Obtain the highest discount rate possible

  •  File all forms in a timely manner

  •  File all forms correctly so funding will not be denied

  •  Integrate the eligible services with your technology plan

  •  Set up a record retention system that is audit proof

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