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Understanding the Scope of E-Rate Work

In order to clarify the scope of work involved in the E-Rate process we have created this summary of tasks Janice Meyers Educational Consulting, LLC will undertake on your behalf:

470 & 471 Forms

  • Collect all information required for submission of 470 & 471 forms

  • Complete and submit 470 & 471 forms

RFP Preparation

  • Preparing Requests for Proposal

  • Posting RFP to

  • Sending RFP's to prospective bidders

  • Receiving completed bids and analyzing the buds (analysis is a service option)


  • Working with the school to determine the eligibility rate (reimbursement rate)

  • Conducting a needs analysis of technology needs

  • Preparing and analyzing the survey method if necessary

Program Compliance

  • Answering all PIA (Program Integrity Assurance) questions

  • Answering all cost effective and special compliance review questions

  • Filing SPIN (Service Provider Invoice Number) changes

  • Filing invoice extension requests

Additional Paperwork

  • Provide direction and information in the process and submission of form 486

  • Filing of the BEAR (Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement Form)

  • Filing the SPI (Service Provider Invoice Form)

  • Filing of form 500 if needed

Personalized Support

  • Maintaining the quarterly disbursement reports

  • Helping the school(s) set up a 10 year E-Rate record retention system to prepare for FCC audits

  • Availability to answer general and specific E-Rate/SLD questions

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