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Your True Discount Rate


Consider the Survey Method in order to realize your true Discount Rate!


E-rate funding levels are based on the student poverty data; therefore, it is important to identify as many students as possible that qualify for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Unfortunately, some parents may fail to return lunch forms because of immigration or privacy concerns.


With the survey method those students can still be counted. After an income level survey is sent to the family of every student in a school, replies will be tabulated. Any surveys not returned will be counted as paid.


Note: Surveys must be carefully documented. SLD reviewers will typically ask for a copy of an actual survey form and a certifying letter from a senior administrator.

E-Rate Information


Outlined below are the steps in the E-Rate Process:


NOTE: Vendors will need a SPIN# to participate in the e-Rate program!

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